23 June 2015

AirAsia Free Seat

My job as a writer required to travel inbound and outbound. Normally i'm taking flight to travel. I always wait for AirAsia offer cause the good price and service.

Next year my plan is to bring my boys to celebrate Songkran Festival in Bangkok 13 April to 15 April 2016. Since my niece were there, she could be my tourist guide. She told me Songkran is a hugely important festival to the Thai people. It's also very popular with visitors and many tourists . It is unique event. Everyone will get involved in this celebrations. If we're out and about during Songkran, we're almost guaranteed to end up soaked. I'll and my kids for sure have lots of fun in the process! It must be 'Syioknya'..

So,since AirAsia offer free seat. I grab this for me and my kids. Everyone also can grab this...

3 million promo seat available. Woooowww... 'syioknya'

Book now till 28th June 2015
You can travel from 15th Feb -31th Aug 2016

I grab mine..why don't you..

Dont wait...Book now at airasia.com

But term and condition apply

ok bai

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