27 April 2010


Fruit tartlet
These tartlet odered by syaiz. which is 30pcs for RM35.00 fruit tartlet i'm using peaches, grape and kiwi. to glaze the tartlet look for shinning and glowing i just put jelly on the top.

Bluberry cheese tartlet

Blueberry cheese tartlet, when chosing cream cheese in market  i'm very particular, need to be halal. It a must. My mission in this business is to produce halal product even the egg. I will wash before i put into my ingredient. When i go shopping  at bakery shop it take my time to read and ask the sale assistant what is the contain of the product. I don't mine to buy as long it halal.  My customer ask me why my product expensive then other. Cause it HALAL.

24 April 2010


Croissant mudah dibuat.. janji barangnya cukup.. ini anak-anak yg buat  sebab hujung yang boring

23 April 2010

Cinammon Rolls

Today i made a cinammon rolls. It take around to 2 hours to complete everything. In the recipe say it only 90 min of preparation. Nice and easy to bake. 

Chocolate cheese cupcake

This cake is the mixture of choc and cheese. First time i bake this cupcake ..i think if i throw to the wall.. it could break the wall.. Experience teach me how to fix the texture. I have to add more butter then the original recipe. After try few time.. i get moist  cupcake. The above picture before I put in the oven . Below after it cooked. It oder from my sister.. she oder for 100pcs

Just come out from the oven today.. nyummm

20 April 2010


Min oder = 6pcs = RM3.50

Bakar Pandan
Bakar jagung
Bakar labu
Bakar kentang


min oder 50 - 0.50sen/pcs
Koci pulut hitam
koci labu
koci keledek

* oder dalam masa 2 hari


Setalam = RM25.00
Seri Muka
Talam Keladi
Talam Suji
Talam Ubi
Setalam Pandan
* oder dalam masa 2 hari


Minimum oder = 30pcs - (RM35.00) per pcs RM1.20
Bluberry cheese
Kiwi cheese
Strawberry cheese
Fruit tartlet
Egg tartlet
Lemon curd tartlet

15 April 2010

Kelas membuat tart 18/4/2010

Kelas membuat kuih tart . Hand on...
RM75.00 max 4 student..
1. fruit tart
2. blueberry cheese tart
3. Egg tart

time 10.00am -2.00pm

can bring home...

01 April 2010


Date:- 17th April 2010
Time: 2.30pm - 5.30pm
Place: Hero Bakery Supply, Taman Dagang, Ampang, Selangor..
Menu: Seri Muka Lapis, Seri  Muka Jagung, dan Seri Muka Batik

29 March 2010

Kelas Membuat kuih Talam - 28/3/2010, Hero Bakery Supply, Taman Dagang, Ampang, Selangor

Teknik Memotong Kuih Talam


teknik memotong kuih talam terpulang kepada masing. masing. saya mengunakan pembaris plastik. kerana pembaris plastik tidak mudah melekat pada kuih. kenapa potong pakai pembaris.. jawapan ialah kuih talam kita akan kelihatan kemas dan cantik. bagi yang menjual kuih talam mudah kita kira berapa jumlah kuih dlm sebuah talam

kuih seri muka 

1. kuih seri muka cantik kalau kita potong mengunakan pisau plastik
2. kuih lapis atau tepung talam tidak membabitkan pulut guna pisau besi yg perlu disapu dgn minyak masak terlebih dahulu supaya kuih tidak melekat pd pisau

selamat mencuba


Hi, let me share this beautiful banggali loaf recipe. Which i'm a  bread maker so i plug and play with my discard levine to make this lo...