12 July 2019


One way of celebrating a graduation is a gift of graduation flower lei. Many graduates, kids and adults, want to have leis on graduation day. So, if you want to greet someone on graduation day, you can send Flower Delivery of leis. The Little Flower Hut offers different types of graduation leis for florist delivery on graduation day. Check them out here:

  • Traditional Leis
Traditional leis for graduation ceremony are something that you can give to the graduate to convey your heartfelt greetings. This flower design is also perfect to put on the graduation robes and to add something to the graduation outfit. The leis are made from purple Orchids. Traditional leis can be given on or before the graduation ceremony depending on the rules of the school. This is the most common design available at any flower shop.

  • Paper Money Leis
Paper money leis are also another popular type of graduation leis. The florist can arrange special money lei based on your order and request. You can send or give money lei to the graduate after the ceremony or even during the celebration at home or in the venue. You can also pair it with a stunning graduation flower.

  • Candy Leis
Candies are used to design and create cute and adorable candy leis. The candies wrapped with colorful plastic are an alternative to the flowers and leaves. This special gift is a simple yet very adorable way to wish the graduate good luck and happiness for the achievement. 

  • Ti Leaf Leis
A Ti leaf lei is very simple in appearance but very symbolic of a cheerful greeting for the male graduates. This is a great choice of gift to someone graduating from college. The online florist creates special leis for the graduation gift as ordered. 

  • Silk Leis
The florist also has beautiful designs for silk leis. Silk leis are graduation flowers gift made from silk. They are available in different colors, flower designs, and sizes. There are silk leis in designs like Carnations, Orchids, Ti Leaf, Daisy, Rose, and Lily. 

The tradition of giving leis to the graduate on graduation ceremony or after the ceremony has long been practiced. This is intended not just to convey your heartfelt and sincerest greetings but also to make the event special and unforgettable. The Flower Delivery of graduation flower leis makes a thoughtful gift for a very special person who completed the course. 

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