09 May 2015

8/5/1936..birthday mak saya


i miss my arwah mak.. happy bday mak. klu dia ada lg ... umur dia 79 thn..
al fathiha mak

the day i remember her word..today her birthday 8/5/1936
'kalau nak gi juga.. balik mak dah tak de..'
whole week i "mogok ing" with her..
penat owww.. 1 year.. i struggling with thick book..
juling pala hafal act.. english law.. judiciary.. entah apa2 lagi
ayah come to me 'kat m'sia pun boleh sambung.. ' mogok ing with ayah pulak..
my target UK..bachelor of law... that what i want..
but i learn from that... we won't get what we always dream
the day every one waiting for my answer.. i decided to stop and work. i with a japanese company. but i continue my study as part time student. within 1 year and half i get my diploma in chartered institute of marketing. after that in continue my degree. 

betul apa mak cakap.. kalau pergi ..balik dia dah takde. she suffering of kidney failure. For 5 years she have to go for dialysis. alhamdullilah ..i with her till the end. i  was in boarding school since my form 2. so only i have time with them once a month and school holiday. but my ayah and my mak will come to visit me everyweek at the hostel. never miss. sambal bilis is a must for me
do i regret ..?


now i have certificate, diploma, degree n master.. from local universiti.. alhamdullilah
this morning i visit their 'kubur'.. loving couple..
kubur pun sebelah menyebelah..
i whispering .. sambil kesat air mata.. me kan anak bongsu.. benyek ler
"thank you so much mak n ayah
you teach me to be strong..beriman pada allah n menjadikan me anak yang baik dan menjadi ibu yang baik pada anak2.. "
happy bday mak.. i love u n ayah so much
al fathiha..
ok bai

ok bai

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