17 October 2013



risoles mungkin sesuatu yang baru .. sebenarnyer tidak juga..

Risoles ( Dutch : rissole ) is a pastry contains meat , usually minced meat and vegetables wrapped in pancakes, and fried after being coated panir flour and beaten egg .
This dish can also be baked in the oven , and served as an hors-d'oeuvre or entrée light. Risoles small can be used as a garnish for a dish of large pieces of meat poultry or beef.
Risoles contents can be chicken , beef , meat fish , shrimp , button mushrooms , carrots , potatoes , or beans . dough pancakes made ​​from a mixture of flour , egg yolks , butter ( margarine ), and water or milk .
Two types risoles known in Indonesia is risoles meat sauteed mixed vegetables, and risoles contains ragout . This cake shape rectangle like envelopes . Risoles shaped triangular generally contains ragout. Risoles can be eaten with thin peanut sauce, condiment bottles, or cayenne pepper .




dah siap gulung

sudah siap goreng

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